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Health, Strength, & Flexibility Program

The Adventurer is a complete and comprehensive program to build you from the ground up.
My goal is to teach people the tools of self-mastery and self-improvement through the body. Learn how to create and maintain positive changes in your body.
Become your own strength/mobility/physical therapist by engaging with structured movement modalities that will teach you how to find balance, control, power, and capability.
The video coaching sequences are separated into three categories (one of each and a bonus video is included in this program):
1) Foundations: Flow, Mobility, Core, SMR Massage, & Therapeutics
2) Functional Strength Patterns
3) Power Development: Compound Lifts
Drawing from my diverse background of training and coaching, I share my practiced synthesis of modalities that will guide/teach you how to structure and sequence your training for optimal: Health Energy Strength Injury Prevention Weight Loss Joint Strengthening & Control Longevity and Intuition
When you can learn (with specificity) to utilize the practices that will best offset poor posture, old injuries, lack of movement, AND increase strength, develop energy, so you can LIVE better. That is an invaluable knowledge-base and practiced-action to improve and benefit you for the rest of your life.

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Let's Grow!
Foundations: Flow, Mobility, Core, SMR Massage, & Therapeutics
The foundational movement grouping is designed to:
  • Open the body
  • Reduce pain and inflammation, increase controlled ranges of motion, and bring energy and lightness to the body.
  • Develop and hone the mind muscle connection (and increase interoception: your ability to sense internal signals from the body)
  • Daily stretching habit creations
  • Movement preparation for advanced practices
  • Activate and train the core for a healthy and supple spine/back/hips/shoulders+
These are the beginning practices to get the body prepped, open, and activated for further training and development.
This can be done in the morning, or as a warm-up prior to building some heat (like light cardio, stairs, row, bike, walk etc.) prior to training.
Functional Strength Patterns
The functional strength patterns grouping is designed to:
  • Train the body from ground up, as a unit, learn to coordinate strength, capacity, and muscular endurance through whole body movement sequences
  • Physical therapy movements incorporated into strength patterns to create practices for LONGEVITY and resilience in addition to muscle growth and fat loss
  • Create healthy training habits, correct posture and alignment, breathing/bracing cues, and endurance BEFORE applying heavy load
  • Train and strengthen ranges of motion with light loads to control primary movements.
This is the main portion of training that is designed to for longevity and long-term potentiation by utilizing therapeutic functional strength patterns.
As you get comfortable with this work, you ADD in 'Power Development: Compound Lifts' which your body will already recognize because it has moved and wired those patterns through this work.
Simply put, this is the Workout part.
Power Development: Compound Lifts
The power development grouping is designed to:
  • Develop strength, capacity, lean muscle mass, and lose fat
  • Increase physical, mental, and energetic power and capacity
  • Strengthen muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue, GRIT, DISCIPLINE, and RESOLVE
  • Empower the physical body
These movements are the 'game changers' in building strength and reshaping the body. They require the body to work as an integrated unit to move heavy weights with dynamic control.
These movements slot INTO Functional Strength Patterns to become the 'Main Events' of your workout.
These movements have the greatest return on investment in their global effect of changing the body, creating stronger movement patterns and capability, increased energy, lowered body fat, and increased connection to the body + muscle mass (and then some).
They also require the most focus, form, and 'feeling' into that power required to safely/confidently lift the weight. They are the most demanding on the Central Nervous System (CNS), and require the proper recovery/healthy tissue maintenance work to perform regularly.
In my program you will learn all of this!
Know, however, that this takes time. Start at a manageable load and work with controlled motions. You've got this!
Primer on Nourishment and Recovery for Active Performance:
Nutrition and nourishing your body in broad strokes for: weight loss, muscle gain, improved sleep, increased energy, and overall maintenance of the body is fairly simple.
Intuiting, experimenting, and refining WHAT works best/quantity/timing of day & Season for YOU specifically is a nuanced journey that requires guidance, curiosity, consistency, and patience.
For our intents and purposes I’m going to just mention a few staples that will assist you in relation to movement, training, and recovery.
  • Hydration
  • Aim for .75oz of water/pound of body weight.
  • Add Sea Salt and a mineral blend (like Trace Minerals) for proper absorption and bioavailability
  • Increase if you train hard/move regularly
  • Increase during summer months
Being HONEST and consistent with your water intake will impact you profoundly.
  • Prioritize High-Quality Protein
  • To recover and build, the body needs protein
  • .75-1.2g protein per/lb of DESIRED bodyweight (ie, I am 240lbs and highly active. I aim for ~240g-260g protein per day)
The TYPE of protein is up to your belief system and paradigm of food that lands best for you. I prefer the most nutrient rich sources which will have a dense spectrum of vitamins and minerals: (All Organic Grass-fed) Beef, Organ Meat, Eggs, etc.
  • Eat Good Fat
  • Grass-fed Butter, Tallow, Organic Olive Oil, or Organic Coconut Oil
  • Most seed oils go rancid quickly and cause systemic distress and unnecessary inflammation
Fat helps give your body energy, protects your organs, supports cell growth, keeps cholesterol and blood pressure under control, and helps your body absorb vital nutrients. The highest quality of fat MATTERS.
  • After prioritizing protein, aim for fruit and veggies that work best for you and eat until satiation.
  • This helps to eliminate processed foods which cause far more distress than good in the body.
This naturally rounds out your carbohydrates as well. Fruits, Raw Honey, and some squashes + peeled/boiled sweet potatoes are my go to carbohydrates that offer clean fuel for performance and recovery. If your body tolerates and prefers grains, work with that. This is not an exhaustive recommendation list by any means.
  • Prioritize SLEEP
7.5 - 9 hours minimum. That is the goal. Simple as that.